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Increase turnover Find customers online

Increase turnover Find customers online

Why trust Google Ads to professionals?

In short, you will save a lot of time and money. Many business owners create automated campaigns that generate a lot of clicks but little return on investment, don't analyse the data that is designed to improve campaign performance, and waste several times more money than a Google Ads certified professional who created and maintains the campaign, who knows how to set up campaigns correctly, which individual strategies to choose for the respective companies, how to analyse the stats and make the appropriate decisions to improve the performance of the campaigns in order to maximise the ROI (Return on Investment).

What does it take to create a good Google Ads campaign?

"Setting up a Google Ads campaign is a complex process and requires a good understanding of the platform. It's not just a matter of clicking a few buttons - here are some examples of the basic steps you need to take to create an effective campaign:

  • Understanding advertising objectives by tailoring selected objectives to the specific business
  • Understand your products and their profitability
  • Decide which types of campaign are most appropriate
  • Keyword research - select only profitable keywords
  • Create the right campaign structure
  • Create multiple campaigns to measure campaign performance
  • Create masses of attractive ads that match the exact keyword groups assigned to the ads
  • Creating campaign copy using geolocation.
  • Setting up conversion tracking (You can't do this without the help of a programmer)
  • Changes to the website to track conversions
  • Creating attractive landing pages to quickly engage a potential customer to take action (order a product or service)

and many more actions that require professional expertise.

Why should Google Ads campaigns be optimised?

Campaigns need to be regularly managed and optimised so that they work better and more effectively over time.
Optimisation includes creating new ad groups and keywords, pausing ads or keywords that are not working, adjusting keyword prices based on the auction price status and conversion rates, creating new geolocations, optimising audience and purchase timing, checking budgets and making suggestions on where to increase it, and a host of other analyses of metrics that require appropriate decisions to be taken to maintain/improve the performance of the campaign.


Expert package

Professional advertising
299 One-off fee
  • 5 campaigns + 1pc (50€)
  • 5 ads + 1pc (20€)
  • Keyword analysis
  • Pricing
  • Timetable distribution
  • Dynamic conversions +100€
  • 3 month optimisation +100€

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